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Welcome to the home of the Harvest League

The All Star Harvest Baseball League was started by three baseball dads looking for a fun, instructional, and competitive way for our kids to continue to play ball after the traditional season was over.  We have seen first hand how kids and Managers that participate in fall ball have a huge advantage over kids and Managers that don't.  What they have learned all summer is reinforced all fall, and the confidence they gain is amazing.  Next years prospects become this years players, so we go into the spring with an advantage over teams that don't play in the fall.  There are no records, so it is the perfect time for kids to play up, or try a new position. I'm always surprised by the new pitchers that come out of nowhere to have a great fall.  Our participation and dedication to fall ball has translated into better players and better records in the spring, and we want to share that with you!

Our format is simple; a Manager finds 12-16 kids, or the kids find a Manager, and they join our league.  We don't care if you are a regional, town, church, or just friend team, you can play.  For 2019 we have 3 divisions: U11 (Under 11, Must not have turned 11 by May first 2019), U13 (Under 13, Must not have turned 13 by May 1st 2019), U15 (Under 15, Must not have turned 15 by May 1st of 2019). Remember, some leagues use 10U, 12U, and 14U, and these match up to our ages: 10U=U11, 12U=U13, and 14U=U15.  You provide the uniforms, equipment, and home field, and we provide insurance, certified umpires, game balls, score books and coordination with all of the other teams to create the schedules.  If you can't find a home field, you can play away, and almost all teams use the uniforms and equipment from their spring teams.  Our season is 12 games starting in late August or early September, and ends with a single elimination tournament on Columbus Day weekend (October 12, 13, 14) One of our goals is to have every kid that wants to play get on a team, so if you don't know a Manager in your area that is forming a team, let us know in July, and we will add them to the free agent page so that managers who need players can find them.  I've had players from 7 different towns on my teams, and after the first practice we were a team.   The kids make new friends and learn new ways to play.  One of my favorite spring rituals was to go to the bench of the opposing team and high five some of their players that had been my players.  Ya, we love baseball.   There are only 2 forms that players and their parents must fill out and have on file in the League office; the registration, and waiver.  All Managers, Coaches, and volunteers must fill out and return CORI forms with a photo copy of your drivers license.

The free agent player page is one of the tabs at the top of this page, so as I get the requests from parents, I'll post the players and parents email addresses.  As managers grab players off the list, please let me know so I can remove them.  Send your free agent requests with the players town to

We will have our first meeting of the year on August 18th and all paperwork and fees are due August 16th, so don't wait too long, start getting your team together now.

For 2019 the fee is $90 per player.  To allow managers to bring on part time players that play other sports in the fall, we have decided that once a team has at least 12 full time players, teams will be allowed to add up to 4 part time players at $45 per player.  Part time players are limited to 6 games, but may play in the tournament.  All Managers must complete a final roster noting full and part time players and send it in by August 16th.  All fees, forms, and rosters must be received by the league by August 16th.   Because of all that goes on in the fall, I try to have 14 full time players so that I am sure to have at least 11 players at all games. 
Once the registration forms, waiver forms, Cori forms, and fees have been collected, and filled out in full, they can be sent to:
All Star Harvest League
170 Monson Turnpike Rd.
Ware, MA  01082

Concussion information:  All coaches must click on the links near the bottom of the page and follow the directions.

The MANDATORY 2019 scheduling meeting will be held on Sunday, August 18th at Grenville Park on Church St. in Ware.  The managers make their schedules together, so a representative from your team MUST be at the meeting.  The meeting will be held at the pavilion in front of the bandstand by the parking lot on the right at the bottom of the hill as you enter the park.

Under 11 baseball at 4:30pm
Under 13 baseball at 5:30pm
Under 15 baseball at 6:30pm

We will have a single elimination tournament on Columbus day weekend at the end of the season. 

If your player wants to be placed onto the free agent page, send your email, your name, the players name, and the players age and town to

There are 2019 free agents listed on the free agent page for softball and baseball

Any questions?

John Morrin click here

We have only been able to have softball for one season, but we're not giving up!  Please let your softball people know there is a place for them!!

We are looking for 10U, 12U, 14U. 

The fee is $90 per player. 
For the softball registration form click HERE

For the softball waiver form click HERE

ALL STAR HARVEST LEAGUE UMPIRES-The league is built on sportsmanship, so:

These are a couple of important things that all assignors, managers, and umpires will need to know.  All of these rules were initiated by questions in the league and are not exhaustive.  If you have a question about any league rule, contact for more information, and the answer will most likely end up here:

1. The home team is responsible for canceling games in the event the field is not playable. We would appreciate if someone would make a trip to the field for an assessment before canceling.  Make every attempt to cancel at least an hour and a half before your game time, some umpires leave home by then. Everything is done on Arbiter, once your schedule is loaded you will receive a username and password from the umpire assignor.  The home team is responsible for canceling the game on the Arbiter, and calling the umpire (the umpire's name and number are listed with the game.) 

2. In the event that the game is unplayable, all divisions should immediately follow the instructions above, contact the umpire assignor, and then text John Morrin. Please call with the correct game number which is listed on the game schedule page.       John Morrin 413-949-0716 mobile.          

3. Umpires Will BE CONTACTED. Umpires will not be paid for games not played. Be sure to check your messages if the weather is questionable.

4. All divisions will follow MLB rules except as amended here.  Many rules that deviate from those rules will be listed on this home page.

5. One warning per pitcher for balking in U11 and U13 divisions. Umpires should take a moment to explain what caused the warning to both player and coach.  There is no warning in the U15 division.

6. Umpires are required to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled game time. In the event an umpire has a conflict, it is their responsibility to contact that division assignor and find a replacement.

7. All rain-outs must be made up even if the game is played out at the other team’s field. Follow the schedule to determine who would be the home team in the event this occurs.

8. All divisions will follow a continuous batting order, and this results in free substitution.  Umpires do not need to be notified when a player changes positions, and all players on their league roster who are present and in uniform must bat.

9. All games are to be played out and the MERCY does NOT apply in any division, so use your players accordingly. Sportsmanship must be demonstrated by all coaches, players and fans on and off the fields.  Good coaches know how not to run up the score, great coaches know how to keep it close.

10. NO COLLISION RULE applies in all divisions.

11. Under 11 division shall play 6 innings. Pitchers are limited to 3 innings per game and 6 per week.  6 total in the tournament.

12. Under 13 division shall play 7 innings. Pitchers are limited to 4 innings per game and 8 per week.  8 total in the tournament.

13. Under 15 division shall play 7 innings. Pitchers are limited to 5 innings per game and 10 per week.  10 total in the tournament.

14. Steel cleats are only allowed in the U15 division.

15. We are determined to provide a pleasant atmosphere at our games and promote a level of sportsmanship that will carry through to the players high school and college years.  Umpires should report any incidents with coaches, players or fans directly to the assignor.

Yelling at, or arguing with, an umpire will not be tolerated.  Players, fans, or assistant coaches will not question the calls of an umpire.  If a player, fan, or assistant coach verbally questions a call, the coach shall receive a strike.  If a coach would like to ask a question about a call an umpire has made, they must call time, and in a quiet manner and location, ask the umpire their specific question.  At no time should a coach questions balls and strikes, or question other calls in a way to allow players or fans hear the question.  If a coach verbally questions a ball or strike call they shall receive a strike.  If a coach questions a call that is overheard by players or fans, they shall receive a strike. If a coach receives 3 strikes in a game, they will be ejected and must leave the park immediately.  A coach that leaves immediately will be suspended for the next game played.  A coach who does not immediately leave will be suspended for the next 2 games.  A second ejection will result in the coach being suspended for the season.

16.  Players may be called up from a younger team in the league, and play up to a team in an older division without being listed on the older teams roster.  Under no circumstances will players play laterally, or down on other teams. To be eligible to play up in the tournament, a player must have played in 50% of the older teams games during the regular season, and be able to show that with the team book.

17.   Bat Sizes:
U11  maximum -12
U13  maximum -10
U15  maximum -5
Maximum drop is for the protection of our players, so no exceptions will be made.  If a player is in the batters box with a bat that is over the maximum for that division, the player will be ejected from the game.  

18.  The time limit for games is 2 hours.  The time begins at the conclusion of ground rules, no matter when play begins.  This does not mean that the games stop at the end time.  It means that no new inning can start after the end times.  The umpire has final say as to weather and darkness affecting play, and must stop a game at any time if they feel it is not safe to continue.  Games that are tied at the time limit will end as a tie.

19. Intentional walks are not allowed.

20.  Bases and pitchers mounds:
U11  Bases at 65', and pitchers mound at 46'.
U13  Bases at 75', and pitchers mound at 52'.
U15  Bases at 90', and pitchers mound at 60'6".

21.  Throwing a bat while batting: 
First offense is a warning.   Second offense; batter is out, ball is dead, and no runners advance.  Third offense; batter is out and removed for the rest of the game, ball is dead, and no runners advance.  A bat or equipment thrown in anger results in an intimidate ejection from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct.

22.  Each team will give the umpire one new, league supplied baseball to the umpire.  The umpire will then ask both teams to supply any additional baseballs needed, starting with the home team.

23.  Rules specific to U11:
A batter is out on third strike regardless of whether the ball is held by the catcher.
Stealing home from 3rd base is not allowed.
A player on 3rd base can not score on a passed ball.
A player on 3rd base can not score on an overthrow to the pitcher.
A player on 3rd base can score on an overthrow from the catcher to any base.

24.  Anyone warming up a pitcher must wear a full face mask with throat guard.

25. If a pitcher who has not met their limit in a game is changed to a different defensive position between innings, they can return the the pitching position to complete their limit later in the game.  A pitcher removed from the mound by the coach, or after the second trip cannot return to the pitching position.

Concussion information:

All coaches must visit
To print and become familiar with:

 Fact sheet for coaches on concussion
 Fact sheet for athletes on concussion
 Fact sheet for parents on concussion
 Clipboard with concussion facts for coaches 

Required Forms For baseball Players:

All Star Harvest Registration Form Click Here
All Star Harvest Waiver Form Click Here

Managers Forms:

Team Roster  Click Here
Cori Form   Click Here

As teams are organized they will be listed!!
Please email when you know you will have a team, and you will be listed.

Managers and teams for 2019



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